How to Move from

Self-Criticism to

Self-Compassion to Boost Your Health!

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Online Workshop

Thursday 31st July 8pm Via Zoom – €25 

Research has shown that self-compassion leads to greater life satisfaction, overall well-being, reduced stress, and increased motivation to engage in health-promoting behaviours.

In this workshop, you will learn to let go of the self-critical part of you by gaining a new perspective on how it causes harm and by learning new, practical ways to be compassionate towards yourself, enhancing your emotional resilience and well-being.

Gain insights on developing a positive, calm, warm, loving, and nurturing part of yourself. This part will help you feel good and take the best care of yourself enhancing your intuitive eating journey.

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    Hi, It’s Sinéad & Shauna – Meet your Coaches

    Sinéad Crowe

    Sinéad is an Intuitive Eating Counsellor, Nutritional Therapist and Perinatal Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist, other expertise includes, training in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Strategic Intervention and Behavioural Family Therapy. She is currently completing a Masters in Mindfulness Based Interventions in UCD.

    She experienced binge eating for over 20 years and enforced rigid food rules for her eldest two children. She has since had two more children and has raised them as intuitive eaters.

    Shauna Gibson

    Shauna Gibson is an Eating Psychology Coach who specialises in the treatment of Eating Disorders and eating issues she is also a qualified Menopause  Coaching Specialist.

    A dieter from a young age she became a Slimming Consultant, for several years. Disillousioned by the slimming industry Shauna embarked on training in Eating Psychology.

    She moved into private clinical practice in Belfast in 2013 and found that weight management approaches do not work and can actually cause harm. But actually working in a weight neutral way where the focus is on health promoting behaviours is better for long lasting effective change.


    Past Workshop Participants 

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    Join Us Live on Thursday 31st July 8pm

    (It’s always best to show up live and ask us questions and answers in real time. But if you can’t make the live you will be sent a recording after.)

    Our mission is to empower you to transform your relationship with food and body to gain lasting, peace, freedom and health.