Join Us for the Intuitive Eating 101 Coaching Circle!








Intuitive Eating 101 Coaching Circle 

Get expert coaching for 10 days on a private instagram group on the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating.

Kickstart your Intutive Eating journey the path to heal your relationship with food and body!

Everything Your need to know

to start your intuitive eating journey

In 3 Simple Steps

you will be kickstarted on your Intuitive Eating journey. 

gain the knowledge, support and tools to get you going on the journey to heal your relationship with food and body in only 10 days! the path to peace and freedom awaits you!


You will learn about the evidence-based intuitive eating framework and an overview of each of the 10 principles, including how to reject dieting, learning to trust and connect with your body’s signals, intuitive movement, gentle nutrition, plus more.



Once you learn what the ten principles are, you will be guided with simple, easy, doable practices, tools, and worksheets to do the work. We will teach you the basics of managing your mindset, emotions, and showing your body respect, plus more.




We know this journey isn’t easy! We also know it will transform your life. That’s why we are committed to supporting you. As expert intuitive eating counselors who have healed our own relationships with food and body, and that of hundreds of others, we will support you every day for the 10-day journey to get you kickstarted!

We will coach you using a private Instagram group!

Make use of your Social Media scrolling time. Spend 10 days with us and we will put you on a jouney to change your relationship with food and body for life!

Join us for 10 days and we will coach you on how to:


Reject dieting


Feel your hunger


End the battle with food


Find pleasure and satisfaction in your eating experience


Challenge the food critic in your head


Feel your fullness


Cope with your emotional eating


Respect your body


Move your body with a different mindset


Honour your health with nutrition


Body Scan Meditation


Learn to connect to your body and deeply relax.


Recorded by Sinéad based on her Masters in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Frequently asked questions

Q: What happens when I purchase?

A: Thank you for joining us! We will send you a link to our private instagram group.

Q:Do I need to have Instagram?

A: Yes, we are using Instagram as the platform to deliver this 10 days Coaching. We know people are short on time and scroll on social media. We are showing you how to efficiently do this using your social media time.

Q: What will the content be like?

A: You will get daily slides, a short video and some worksheets to complete. 

Q: What support will I get?

A: Sinéad and Shauna will be on hand Monday-Friday for the 10 days to answer all your Intuitive Eating Questions!

Q: What date is it kicking off?

A: We kick off 13th May. We will coach Monday to Friday for two weeks (10 working days).

Q: I am brand new to Intuitive Eating will it suit me?

A: Yes, it is the perfect place to start.

Q: I have been on my Intutive Journey for w hile will this help me?

A: You will have access to Sinéad and Shauna to answer any of your questions. If you need support with any of the principles this will help you.

Q: I am a hub member do I have to pay?

A: If you are a current member of our Mini-Membership, Intuitive Healers or Intensive Course this is included in your membership.

Q: How long will content be available for?

A: Content will be available for 30 days. You can watch everything back. Live support will be for the 10 days only.